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Do You Know, Do You Care?

Geo-Political Terror Espionage Thriller

Decades of Research Complete  |  Writer Attached   

Christmas 1981, a year after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, emerges Italy’s largest ever manhunt when American General James Lee Dozier is kidnapped in Verona, Italy, by the notorious communist terrorist group, Red Brigades. Having already kidnapped and assassinated Italy’s Prime Minister, bombed trains and murdered hundreds of journalists, businessmen, top government and police officials, the times were named The Years of Lead. Equally bloody events perpetrated by neighboring IRA in Ireland and Red Fascists in Germany marked a significant shift in a concerted Soviet effort to conquer Europe by driving out American run NATO forces. Yet unprecedented and highly unorthodox cold war spy tactics orchestrated by an international team not only resulted in the first ever successful rescue from the Red Brigades, but brought about their ultimate demise and dismantled Soviet aspirations. 

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