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Uncharted Films

About Us

Uncharted Films is setting out to build a community of likeminded filmmaker storytellers united in an all out effort to see great visions brought to the screen. Rare talents are matched with exceptional stories and scripts and then supported by a select community of professionals in every way way possible; from development and legal to casting, funding, production, marketing and distribution. Great stories and storytellers deserve the very best teams and support at every phase of the pre through post production cycle. Our purpose is to fit the very best experts in each capacity to outstanding stories that deserve their day in the sun.  Welcome to the world of world class film story creators, hunters, collaborators, ranchers, cultivators, fabricators and builders! 

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Craig head shot.jpg
Craig Holland

Founder & Lead Visionary

Robert Patteri 2.jpg
Robert Patteri

Founder & Head Liaison

Keith Putman.jpg
Keith Putman

Development Maestro

Tamra head shot Cropped.jpg
Tamra Holland


Our Exclusive Community of Outstanding Storyteller Filmmaking Members

The UF Consortium Family

The Uncharted Films Consortium Membership area is private and reserved for participating members only. To become a member one must receive an exclusive invitation then accept the terms and conditions by signing the Uncharted Films Consortium Manifesto.  

You may be invited to join the Uncharted Films Consortium 1) due to your proven skillsets, 2) you wrote a script that fits our stringent criteria and standards, or 3) you have the option, rights or title to a book, or life rights to a story that fits well with our overall vision and mission.
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